The "Drain Freaks" started as a small group in Sitka, Alaska. Originally we explored bunkers and old buildings around town, as well as the few storm drains we could find. We never had a name until I stumbled across the Australian Bunker Boyz website which led me to the Cave Clan website. Seeing other people involved in organized recreational trespassing got us interested in doing more expeditions and getting more members. Unfortunately we never got to be a large organization, and as affiliates drifted off to college or other towns (while a few new ones became involved) our membership hovered around 2-3 "core" members and a few others who were friends or relatives who were somewhat interested.
    When I got up to college in Fairbanks I thought I'd finally gotten a good group going. I had just gotten back from exploring the steam tunnels solo one night and ran into a group of people talking about "the secret passages under the college". One of the guys was an old highschool classmate of mine, so I got to talking with the group and eventually returned underground with 3 other troglodytes. Over my first year of college I met and explored with several different people and groups, but eventually the organized exploring died off. Over the rest of the year it was mainly solo excursions to various locations above and below ground. Rumors of parties in the tunnels made me suspect there were other groups exploring them, and once I ran into a group of 4 people rooftopping the Library (I mentioned tunneling but neglected to give them my email address, D'oh!)
    During my Sophomore year I did more exploring with about 5 other people (only 2 other regulars) but we never had an "official" group name or anything. A new exploring group called the GLP formed briefly in Sitka among some of my friends, and I did some exploring with them while visiting Sitka. The GLP has an uncertain future at the moment due to a lack of interested people and members leaving Sitka. My friends and I are in contact with explorers in several towns around the state, including Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Sitka, and Haines, but none of these places has enough interested people to form a stable exploration team.
    Juneau seems to have had lots of mine explorers in the past. I'll mention the AJ mine and someone will say "oh yeah I used to explore that with my friends back in the 70's" etc etc. I'd be interested in hearing more from anyone who has stories or pictures from urban exploring anywhere else in Alaska.

Anyone from Alaska or visiting who wants to contact us or get involved with some urban exploration can email me at the following address (although be aware that it doesn't get checked very often during the summer).

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