Anchorage Railroad Yards

Anchorage is the main terminal for the Alaska Railroad, and has all the main yards, repair shops, and car storage.
There's also a port (which is kind of worthless due to the silt and mud) a link to various industries, a new passenger line to the airport,
and some tracks through the military bases.

I've always been a bit of a railfan, but I've never had time for any of the stuff the hardcore fanatics get into. If I ever work on my
model layout again it will include lots of abandoned buildings, drains, and a working subway with little Infiltraters and some CHUDs.

The daily Anchorage to Fairbanks passenger train backing up to switch from the yard mainline to the passenger siding.
The large dome cars are from cruise lines, I had a model of one of these on my layout, hopefully the real ones take curves and tunnels better...

Old abandoned diesel engines in a scrapyard area of the industrial district/trainyard.

The old rail shop, and an antique self-powered touring car that a restoration group recently bought.

My bike ride to work takes me through some pedestrian tunnels and past the main line

Here's a pic of two trains passing, plus some bonus fighter jets.

This is a little more touristy than my usual explorations, but it's just too cool to leave out.
I think ever Urban Explorer needs some big rusty piece of abandoned industry in their yard.