Nike Site Bay
This site is of the same design as sites Summit and Point, but while the IFC is in slightly better shape than the nonexistant one at site Point, the entire site is in overally much worse condition than the other two. For more information about Nike missile bases click here.

We looked briefly at the Integrated Fire Control Area, but kids in camo kept running around and throwing fireworks at us, and then paintballs started hitting the bushes around us. We decided we'd walked into a war zone and left. The IFC buildings seem to be mostly destroyed, but there are a few concrete sections still standing.

The launch bunkers are in poor condition, one has a mostly-collapsed roof and the other is extensively burned.

For some reason the tunnels and lower levels have been sealed, but only in a half-assed way that still allows determined people to get in. Before one of the bunkers had its main basement hatch cemented over, someone managed to drive a car through it.

Graffiti from the original missile crews (or "pit rats") has been modified by modern taggers.

Back doors unexplainably filled with dirt, and an ammo magazine.

Mmmm... fireworks...

A map of the area and some satellite photos: overview, the launch area, and the IFC area.

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