Ghost ships of Juneau
(and the Boat Graveyard)

This latest find was tied to the downtown cruise ship dock for some reason. It appears to be a derelict fish processing barge, complete with freezer holds, a large processing deck, crew quarters, and living accomodations for about 20 people. Although it has no engines, there are a number of diesel generators and compressors for the cooling system and onboard power. The tools and first aid kits have been looted by hobos or kids, and a few windows are broken, but otherwise the vessel is in pretty good shape. We happened to explore this during a 50mph Taku windstorm, and the metal quonset hut on the upper deck threatened to lift off in the wind.

Exterior views, interior crew quarters and mess hall, engine rooms and a stealth shocker, a cargo hold, and the most important piece of equipment on board.

Juneau Boat Graveyard:

This area is the unofficial dumping ground for derelict boats in Juneau. Like the dikes in Fairbanks where rednecks go to leave old cars and the occasional corpse, this area just beyond the old mine rock dump holds the battered and burned out remains of several years worth of abandoned vehicles. Occasionally new ones appear surreptisiously in the night, sometimes old ones are salvaged by enterprising locals, and once a year or so the city chases out all the homeless people and burns most of the hulks.

An old burned and sunken PT boat hull, visible at low tide.

Stripped and scuttled fishing boat.

I'm not sure how this happened...

This sailboat was in good condition, someone took it a few weeks later.

This one looked good, but had a split keel.

Random junk, and a cruiser inhabited by someone.


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