Sitka Bunkers

During WWII, Sitka was a major military post, with cannons, radars, and lots of underground bunkers and tunnels.

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Don't smoke in the ammo bunker.

A small pillbox on one of the islands.

Some cute little critters in a bunker.

The interior of the former control bunker, with a trapdoor leading up to the antenna mounts.

A cross section of the main command bunker on the rock causeway near Sitka.
This and two others like it are the biggest bunkers, and the one near town has
a "secret" lower level that supposedly was a hospital.

A strange shaft leading downwards but filled with dirt and trash.

This is the front hallway ot the command bunker, the rooms on the left held ammunition and some had machinery installed in them.

A small bomb shelter

An abandoned building in the old officer's neighborhood, not on the Causeway but on Japonski Island

The interior of one of the buildings.

One of the more intact rooms.

A Map of the causeway and Japonski Island

Urban legends about the bunkers include:

There is live ammunition and guns sealed in vast underground tunnels. (Probably false, the army sank most of their surpuls gear)
There are underwater tunnels between the islands and town. (almost definitely false)
There is gold sealed in the deep tunnels. (dosn't every old cave, etc. have a treasure legend?)
There are crates of machine guns and grenades buried on the causeway. (Possible, but hard to verify, as there is too much crap to use a metal detector)
People have died exploring the bunkers or got trapped and never found. (false, although someone did fall off a rock and drown nearby)
There are secret lower levels and hidden tunnels on the causeway and in Sitka. (Probably true, there are several mysterious tunnels and sealed manholes)
There are dead bodies sealed in them. (True in some cases! Many bodies of  Tuburculosis victims were sealed into local bunkers in the 50s)

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