Some photos from a 2005 road trip through the Southwestern US.

Titan II Silos:
I was lucky enough to find one of the only accessible Titan II bases in Arizona (most have been sealed). I visited the abandoned base soon after seeing the Titan II museum south of Tucson, so I was able to take a few comparison shots of abandoned vs intact equipment:

Abandoned Site
What the hell is it?
Entrance Airlock area.
    Control dome stairs and air vent.
Access tunnel
Deputy commander's console
Hardened "Pop-up" antenna
Entrance Shaft.

More photos from the abandoned site:

Entrance hole, stairway, upstairs dining area, and downstairs electronics racks.

More museum photos:

Command consoles, and reentry vehicle for the nuke.

A helpful sign, but unfortunately a sealed site. This wasn't even one I knew about, just something we found while looking for a campground.

Globe Mines:

A mine adit up in the Arizona hills, complete with a rail-equipped drain culvert. In the same area are an abandoned road tunnel, old highway, new road tunnel, massive mine pits, shafts, old tramways, active mines, an empty smelter, and a ton of other cool stuff.