California Gold Mine

California's gold country is riddled with old mines and holes in the ground. Some areas have dozens or even hundreds of pits, holes, shafts, trenches, and other remnants of former mines. Building foundations are common, and intact structures, while rare, are also found at many mine sites.

A shaft and flooded, bramble choked tunnel that are part of the same mine. There are supposedly other levels up to 600 feet under the water level at this one.

This mine used to have a mostly intact mill and auxiliary buildings, but in 2004 some punk kids burned it down while skipping school.

The mill site in 2005:

A few of the more intact tunnels:

Fun with underground pools:

Some collapsed and partially collapsed mine tunnels around the area:

Former shafts, now mostly dirt-filled pits:

Powder bunker, machinery, weird tunnel mold, foundations.

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