New Mexico

Some photos from a 2005 road trip through the Southwestern US.

Ghost buildings around Taos, NM. There are many old adobe buildings and ghost-town type areas in the southwestern US.

Santa Fe:
A drain under Santa Fe. It started out good, with a large RCP entrance and concrete tag room, but then it turned into CMP and went on for entirely too long (about 13 blocks total). Even the manhole shafts were CMP, which I've never seen before. Someone had dragged their hand or something along the ceiling farther back than I ventured, there were tracks in the dust the whole way.

Outside Roswell:
A former National Guard training site. Thanks to Noah Vale for tipping me off about this place.

Abandoned commercial buildings in the semi-ghost town of Vaughn. A lot of the town is still active and inhabited, but much of the former 50's era downtown is vacant.

Artifacts and remains in abandoned Vaughn buildings.


An ancient hobbit castle in White's City, near Carlsbad Caverns. According to locals this was a fake indian fort from some failed tourist attraction. The rooms and doorways are all tiny, and there's a narrow stairway up through one of the rock towers. Nothing else remains but  some cut electrical wires and rotten cloth.

Carlsbad Caverns, not UE but pretty interesting. I'd reccomend any of the non-typical off trail expedition tours.

Abandoned tourist motel in White's City.

"Karst Feature" near the caverns. Unfortunately not a cave :-(


Cliff dewllings at Bandalier Natl. Monument, near Los Alamos.

Damn taggers.