Santa Cruz Tunnels

An old 19th century sewer outfall. The tunnel is hewn sandstone carved back under Santa Cruz, and may connect with other tunnels past the point of collapse. A steel pipe lines the bottom, and used to carry sewage out to the ocean. At extreme tides and high river levels this tunnel floods with water. Some relics from other expeditions were found, including a corroded flashlight, dead batteries, and a flip-flop.

The trench carrying the sewage out to sea, and a SEAL team waiting for me at the mouth of the tunnel.

Another abandoned sewer system, this one with two tunnels connecting at right angles on different levels, a flooded tunnel running off into the distance, and a lot of hobo junk. For some reason these hobos were really into 80's stereo equipment. It's possible that one or both of these tunnels connected with the other system, there was evidence of an extensive sewer labyrinth in this section of town.

A large storm drain. There are no real outfalls in Santa Cruz as the river levees prevent it, so all this water had to be accumulating in some underground reservoir before being pumped out.

Other tunnels around town. A sandstone culvert, old sewer entrance, former tunnel, and flooded rail tunnel (still occasionally used).

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