Chicago, Illinois.

Specific Chicago Locations:
St. Stephen's Church
Palmer House Hilton
Abandoned Trade School

Downtown Chicago from ground level, above, and the sides. Gotta throw in some of those touristy photos to use up your bandwidth!

A lot of the waterfront has weird lower-level roads and streets, there are even sidewalks and storefronts in some places down there. I can see big cities like this eventually having multiple layers up and down as well as sprawling outward. Large parts of downtown parks also seem to be built on sprawling multi-level parking garages. Several storm drains are visible alongside the river, mostly under the drawbridges. At one point we found a semi-abandoned space under the road that once connected to the underground Metra tracks, but the connection is now bricked up. We did find some old signs and a rusty rat trap though.
(The last photo shows a model of one of these multi-level waterfronts that was on a model railroad layout at the museum of Science and Industry).

Rail stuff: The Metra rapid transit system travels through cuttings in town and in some places goes underground to enter station areas.

The subway. In the downtown loop the stations are connected by single long platforms, and the adjacent red and blue lines have walkways between them allowing you to walk around downtown underground. I had thought that the small arched doorways might be former Freight Tunnel connections, but they're too small. The metal doors with stairs up to them across the tracks from the station platforms are pump rooms. The last photo in this series shows the large O'Hare Airport station. I saw a bit of wildlife in these subways, there were some mice or small rats running around on the tracks in some stations, they must have gotten used to the noise and learned not to climb on the third rail.

Some semi-infiltration wanderings of the Navy Pier, much of it was deserted in late evening and we could walk up stalled escalators and around some of the back areas and normally off-limits rooftops. We tried to get into the twin spires at the end, but both were pretty well secured.

I can't tell if I infiltrated the Alder Planetarium or not, the side doors were open for a wedding and I walked in and joined the guests (and even peeked into the central projection room), but I couldn't tell if there was normally an admission fee.

Dude! Let's like, get stoned, and like, paint some trees blue and put orange stuff on them, we can totally get the city to give us an art grant for more drugs!

Lots of manholes, maybe one goes into the freight tunnels?

Heh... Chuch condom.

Peace, Love, Linux?

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