Cleary Hill Mine

One of several lode gold mines in the Fairbanks area. This is a typical underground gold mine, with a tunnel driven back to bedrock and a small stamp mill to crush the rock and process gold out of the ore. There are a lot of support buildings remaining in addition to the mill, including some bunkhouses and cabins for workers, a steam boiler, garages, workshops, and storage sheds. I'm not sure who owns this mine, as there are no signs posted, but while exploring we met some photographers from UAF and a state work crew who seemed to be re-surveying the property. The mine is easy to find but hard to get to, and is one of those back-woods redneck areas that makes you wonder if some grizzled old lunatic is about to jump out and shoot you for not seeing the signs he didn't post.


The tunnel has collapsed from years of neglect. Warm air circulating into the permafrost layer, and the ground being essentially all glacier silt and wind-blown dust makes tunnels here very unstable.

Mill Building:

Machinery and equipment. The safe was missing its door.

Most of the machinery was electrically driven, with this large diesel generator supplying the power.

Log Cabin:

The most intact structure, with two floors and a small basement carved out for the furnace.

Other buildings:

Old car, dog house, and TGR's favorite beverage.


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