The Death Mud Drain!

I finally have a drain with a cool name, even though it's one of the most dangerous drains I've found, and I think it's earned the name.

The Anchorage mud flats are deceptivley flat and solid-looking, but they hide a loose mixture of clay and silt that's worse than quicksand.
Every year some dumbass tries to walk out on it and dissapears (or gets stuck until the tide comes in over them).

This drain is the outfall from a small lake near near downtown. The lower end is usually underwater, but can be seen at extreme low tide

If you walk too close to the bank you'll start sliding, once in the stream flow it's a slippery, cold, muddy trip
to the ocean, probably with no way back unless you can swim to a solid beach somwhere.
(I was able to walk out and photograph this due to some grass that stableized the mud).