Ester Dome:

A mining district near Fairbanks, the area around the base of the dome (large hill) has several dredges, lots of open pit mines, and a few underground tunnels.
The top of the dome is home to a large antenna farm, a few cabins, and some random 4x4 roads leading off in odd directions. There are also some signs of abandoned ski areas and other artifacts of past use.

In 2004 some friends and I looked for a mine that is supposed to be near the summit, all we found were this cabin and an old army truck.

Photos from a biking / camping trip up the dome one fall. The morning fog was quite thick.

Sunset on the dome.

A small steam powered ball mill with a rail tram bridge entering at the top. The roof and much of the interior is rotten and collapsed, and most of the railway is gone

Ooh, scarey woods and a warning sign, I'd better run away and hide...

Covered shafts and collapsed tunnels, all in the general vicinity of the mill but possibly different mines.

Open pit mines and really crappy old roads (note my stuck bike).

Funny looking buggers, but dangerously unpredictable with deadly double-jointed ninja legs.

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