Chatanika Gold Dredge
Fairbanks Exploration Company Dredge #3

This one is quite a bit farther from Fairbanks than Dredge #10, but is easier to hike to from the road. While the interior is generally more preserved than Dredge #10, there is much more grafitti and evidence of visitors such as loads of beer cans and other trash. Interestingly enough there is only a single "no trespassing" sign, well hidden on the back end of the dredge so that one will not notice it unless they circumnavigate the dredge before entering.

Exterior Scenes:

This dredge is structurally very simmilar to #10, with a few exterior differences such as the color and shape of the stern tower, and the upper level superstructure configuration. The placement of doors and windows is almost the same however.

Interior Scenes:

Some photos from inside / on the dredge. The interior layout is quite different from Dredge #10, with many different ladders, catwalks, a more open upper level, a different control room layout, and different interior rooms. The tailings conveyor and support tower are basically the same as on #10, althouh the rubber tailings conveyor is more intact and can be walked on without falling through it. The tip of the tailings conveyor is partially decayed and very unsafe, a fall from this one will end on rocks rather than water as would a fall from #10's conveyor.

Miscelaneous Photos:

Piles of the charachteristic tailings that the dredge would elave behind as it moved forwards over the gravel beds of the valley. This thing really got around, as the entire valley floor is now these corrugated ridges. The buildings are part of the support camp and worker housing, and probably the northern terminus of the Tannana Valley Railroad which used to run from Fairbanks to the various gold camps. The boat in the last photo looks to be hand made from large steel sheets welded together, and is very heavy.

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