Haines Sawmill

I remembered seeing this the last time I was in Haines, so when I was waiting for the ferry there (after a drive through Canada) I decided to check it out. I only had a few minutes to run around the place, so the next time I'm in Haines I'll check it out again. I'm unsure who owns the site or how active it is, there appeared to be some newer trailers and equipment being stored there, but I didn't see any people around.

  The main buildings and the docks where cargo ships would be loaded.

 Some exterior shots from the brush that's grown up around the site, indicating that it's been at least a few years since it was used.

 Interior shots, there were a lot of catwalks and ladders, and a large open hall with some loaders and other vehicles. The hall seemed to have been a wood chip or pulp storage area, I jumped down to the floor from a broken ladder and sank into sawdust up to my knees.

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