Hatcher Pass

An area of the Talkeetna mountains which was extensively mined during the early half of the 20th century, Hatcher's pass is the home of the Independence mine state park as well as numerous other mines scattered throughout the mountains. The area is heavily visited by tourists, hikers, climbers, and off roaders, so there is little that hasn't been visited already. In some areas there are even a few active gold mines that are still being worked today.


The Independance mine is the best preserved, having national historic landmark status tends to prevent drunken Anchorage teens from burning everything down like they do with other old mine buildings.

A few warning signs and rope barriers are all that prevents people from entering the decayed parts of the mine. Restored buildings are in better condition and have more security, but even the main tunnel can be entered relatively easily (if the tourists would just leave long enough).

The gold deposits were found higher up the mountains, and more buildings and tunnels can be seen high above the valley.

An active mine (the "Gold Cord Mine") just up the hill from Independence

Another mine in an adjacent valley, few buildings are left but there is a lot of rusty equipment and a flooded tunnel.

Gold panners and some wierd people with spears apparently doing some filming.

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