Anchorage Hilton

The largest downtown hotel, the west tower is L-shaped and has a large resturaunt/conference room at the 15th floor (the dark-windowed areas) and the eastern tower has 23 floors with penthouse apartments and mechanical rooms at the top. The first two floors of the L wing consists mainly of conference rooms and dining areas, supposedly there is a pool somewhere in here, but I didn't spend enough time in these areas to notice it. When I have some more free time I'll try to rate this according to the Infiltration hotel guide.

No 13th floor in either tower, so the towers are really 14 and 22 floors, respectively.

There are some nice views from the conference rooms at the top of the western tower.

A small kitchen, a service elevator, laundry chutes, and towl storage. I didn't get any souveniers this trip.

Next to the south stairs there was a utility shaft running probably the whole height of the west tower. It led up into darkness and down into the laundry rooms in the sub-basement. The hole through which I could see in was too small to enter, and the ladder seemed to be mostly blocked by pipes.