Hi-Yu Mine

One of the few hard rock mines in Fairbanks, the Hi-Yu opened around the early 1930s and closed in the '50s. The property is currently owned by the large Fort Knox mine, and there is some talk of restarting mining operations there (probably on the same huge strip mine model as Fort Knox and True North mines nearby). The water quality at the site is rather poor, as determined by BLM studies and a UAF grad student's report that I was able to find when researching the property.

P1010084   P1010053
The mine site consists of a number of old wooden buildings, the ruins of a tram or railway, and a few polluted ponds and streams. We didn't find the shaft on this trip, although we suspect it's farther up the hill.

P1010061  P1010064  P1010065  P1010066    P1010073  P1010072
Inside the mill, which is slowly falling down the hill into the vally. There are a lot of old rusty machines left, including most of the stamp mill (the crushing machine pictured in the 4th and 5th images. The stairways were all pretty messed up, but fun to walk on.

P1010079  P1010055  P1010056  P1010058  P1010088  P1010089  P1010085  P1010083
Other buildings nearby. There were a few that were largely intact, and a lot more that were pretty collapsed and damaged.

This is what happens when Satan decides to come up through your floor and kick your ass.

P1010087  P1010094  P1010096
Old abandoned vehicles... oh wait, that last one belongs to The Gunslinger, but it should be abandoned.

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