Juneau Exploration

Alaska's capitol city, Juneau is one of the nationís largest cities in regard to area and local borders. It is the only US state capitol not connected to a major road system, so you either have to fly or boat in. The following pictures include some drains and other interesting areas around town.

Alaska Juneau Mine and nearby mines

Treadwell / Douglas Island mine complex.

Another nearby gold mine

The biggest drain found so far, carrying runoff from the downtown power plant. Much of it is full of rocks.
the third photo shows a plug of snow that blocks half the pipe, coming down from an overhead grating shaft.

This is a section of road on a hillside downtown. The area underneath is fenced in and hidden from view by plastic slats woven into the fencing.
Aside from some utility pipes and a few strange concrete cylinders in the ground, the area is just a void under the street.

Some old mine tunnels near Cope park, one is inhabited by homeless people.

Various storm drains in and around town

A former pedestrian tunnel converted for utilities.

I wish they'd pave this over....


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