McCarthy Copper Mine
          Photos from a large underground copper mine in the interior of Alaska.

Sitka Military History    Sitka Causeway    Coast Artillery
           Some sites about the bunkers in Sitka. These guys have tons of info and pics, so I won't repeat it in my pages.

Kodiak Military history
            Bunkers, radar stations, WACS sites, more bunkers... did I mention there's a lot of bunkers there?

Ed's Nike site
            Alaska NIKE missile information and history

           The zine about going places you're not supposed to in Canada.

          Urban explorers network, mostly college tunnels. Also home of the UE mailing list.

UE Community
          A very nice forum for exchanging messages, photos, and other information about urban exploration worldwide.

          A large online UE forum, based in Canada but with members from worldwide.

          One of the more hard-core UE groups, based in Vancouver Canada.

Dark Passage
          New York UE, with a focus on history and interactive tours/events.

Cave Clan
          The Australian draining group, the Cave Clan.
          Another Australian, lots of info from that country as well as a huge worldwide UE  link collection

Historical American Building Survey
           An incredible amount of information, historical and contemporary photos, blueprints and maps, etc.
         This link goes to the Alaska section but there is much more from the rest of the US.

Mine Dangers
          Why to stay out of abandoned mines

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