Urban / Rural Exploration in Alaska
This website is infrequently updated these days. The author has moved to the Midwestern US (and has some Midwest UE stuff here, also rarely updated).
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Alaska has much more to offer urban explorers than one might think. Abandoned mines, military bases, industrial areas, drains, and even college steam tunnels can all be found in this state. This website presents a few such places, and documents various expeditions and discoveries that have been made. Click on the large headers of each section for general info and pictures of each venue, or go straight to the location of your choice by clicking on the appropriate small link.

Anyone can explore the great outdoors, but sometimes it's fun to infiltrate artificial structures and see what few others do.
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Anchorage Area Exploration
Summit missile base
Point missile base
Bay missile base (collect all 3!)
MATI Museum
Deathmud Drain
Hilton Hotel
Alaska Railroad
MacKay bulding
Sewer system
Gravel Pit
Office building
Plywood Palace 
Palmer Satanist Tunnels
Hatcher's Pass Mines

Fairbanks Area
UAF campus exploration
Downtown utility tunnels
Gold Dredge #10
Gold Dredge #3
Dredge #5 and ice mine
Dredge #6
Other Dredge stuff
Alaska Railroad
Storm Drains
Permafrost Tunnel
Cleary Ski Lodge
Flood control dam and Nike site Tare.
Ester Dome mines
Nike Site Mike (Pacman's Revenge)
Hi-Yu Mine
Tanana Valley Railroad
Cleary Hill Mine

Juneau Area
AJ Mine Underground
AJ Mine
AJ Mill
Treadwell Mine
Other mine
Boat graveyard
Glacier power plant.

Sitka Area
Ferry Terminal Mine
Peterson Creek drain
Verstovia drain
Swan Lake drain
Sitka Pulp Mill
O'Connell Bridge
MEHS stuff
Water towers

Remote locations:
Cape Spencer Lighthouse
Whittier: strange land beyond the tunnel.
Anton Anderson Tunnel walk
Portage ghost town and rail yard
Cordova & CRNWRR
Seward bunkers
Haines Sawmill
Kennicot Copper Mines
McCarthy/Kennecot Road Trip
Hatchers Pass mines
Richardson Roadhouse

Youthful UE influences
Members of this group exploring as children. 

Out of State Explorations
Really out-of-state: Europe 2004
Paris 2007
Naples, Italy 2007
New! Twin Cities / Midwest
New Mexico 2005
Arizona 2005
San Francisco Bunkers
Santa Cruz Tunnels
California Mine
Various California Places
Chicago, Illinois 2004
Minneapolis/St. Paul 2004
Toronto 2004 (OPEX 1994)
Venus Mine (BC, Canada)

Expedition Logs

Tools of infiltration

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Site News: descriptions of latest updates

It's 2010, where's my damn flying car? At least we found an abandoned mountaintop suburb where time stands still.

As of 11/2009 we are in fact still alive, we just suck at updating.

6/6/06 or something like that.
Grad School in Minneapolis
A whole seperate section full of midwestern UE.

Added all these pages from a recent vacation:
New Mexico 2005
Arizona 2005
San Francisco Bunkers
Santa Cruz Tunnels
California Mine
Also fixed the Chicago page to link to all three sub-pages instead of just two.

Added the Cleary Hill Mine

Added the dissapointing and not-very-exciting TVRR swamp hike

Added a bunch of stuff:
Windy Bridge, new Treadwell photos, and the Hellshaft.
Added the Hi-Yu mine (No I don't know who named it that).

Added the rusty remnants of the glacier power plant and tunnel.

Added an update from a while back, the boat graveyard in Juneau

Added a whole lot more out-of-state stuff, after returning from a two week vacation in the midwest which included
Office Products Expo 1994 in Toronto. I also visited the Twin Cities and Chicago.