Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry

A small nonprofit museum near Wasilla, most of the exhibits are outdoors and include Alaska Railroad engines and rolling stock, mine railroad relics, Alaskan road and vater vehicles, and a selection of Alaskan aircraft. Fortunately for us there were many opportunities for UE, and we managed to infiltrate a lot of the exhibits just under the noses of the other museum patrons (we couldn't tell if the cop car was real or an exhibit, so we were extra stealthy).

Assorted displays around the museum's land. Seems like I see a new "ultimate UE vehicle" (third pic) every week!

The troop cars with their artifact storage and a few pieces of original furniture.

Engine 15 was one of the best displays, I always liked this style of Alaska Railroad engines the best, although they aren't as powerful as the new 4000 series and aren't used anymore. Unlike current engines these are totally enclosed and have a walkway around the inside from the rear door to the front control cab and nose compartment. The big spotlight in the nose could be folded down, allowing us to peer out through the porthole.

Inside the Pullman cars behind engine 1500, the rear one had a stove and offices for the conductor.

Cars and other vehicles, the armored van had lots of gun ports for shooting bank robbers... ah the good old days.

A 1967 hi-rail station wagon, we got a ride along the short line down to the Alaska Railroad main.

More trains, including an old rail-bus from Chitna used on the abandond CRNWRR (yellow), and the old Whittier shuttle (red)

Planes and hellicoptors parked in the upper field. The C-123 (last plane) is about the only thing we didn't get into.

Spartacus investigates the sonar hellicoptor. What's this big red button do.. oops!

Spare parts!

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