Typical Alaskan Gold Mine
A fairly standard underground hard-rock gold mine in Southeast Alaska. A long main tunnel extends back into the mountain, with small side tunnels and a few upwards-reaching shafts which might lead to other levels, but the ladders are too rotten to climb. As with most mines of any size, this one has a railway system inside the tunnels and a number of ore cars left inside and outside the mine. There are also some rail-buldozer machines called "muckers" and an electric engine. Most of the surface facilities near the main tunnel are collapsed and rotten, and the amount of water inside the tunnel has left few other artifacts intact.

The tunnel has a steady steam of water running out of it most of the year. Collapsed areas form dams for shallow underground lakes.

Odd sized photos from some different missions.

Old Grafitti, cryptic runes, core drill pipes, dynamite boxes, and ore samples.

Lots of mine cars, the last three shots are attempts at being artistic with time exposures. The last two are the same train from different angles.

The ghost of a dead miner! Oh wait, the lens was fogged...