Nike Missile Base
Site Point, Anchorage Alaska.

Click here for the page on Site Summit (a more intact NIKE base)

Click here for some historical info and first-hand accounts of life and work at Site Point.

These bases were supposed to protect cities and airports agains russian bombers during the 50's and 60's. They became obsolete with the development
of ICBMs. Site Point covered the Anchorage airport and metropolitan area, and was the only NIKE site in Alaska with four launchpads.

Sometime in the 70's the Radar and control area was buldozed, and the missile storage bunkers and launch areas were turned into a park,
cross country ski area, and golf course. One bunker was turned into a visitors center, and the others are apparently used for storage.
Someone had a huge spot-welding orgy as well, they welded shut anything remotely interesting, including some random manholes that
were probably just sewers or cable access. The local taggers and stoners have made some half-hearted attempts to get into the bunkers,
But have had little success. Access could be gained by use of a large crowbar, but I prefer to find nondestructive access routes.

Topozone image with areas of interest marked

Launch Area:

The missile storage bunkers are aboveground here, this style is seen elsewhere, although most NIKE bunkers were undergound.

The backdoors to several launch bunkers, two of them still had logos and art from the missile crews.

 A missile bunker roof, and some air vents on top of the rear bunker area (under the hill behind the main bunker).

Utility tunnels, air vents, and escape hatches. Part of these are under the missile positioning rails and probably held cables and winches.

Inside the visitor center, a converted missile storage buidling

A plan of the center, red lines indicate the original walls of the launch bunker (including part of the tunnels)

Some generic half-cylinder bunkers (possibly for solid fuel boosters and warheads). In WWII these were called "Igloo" style bunkers.

The power building (and roof), and two unknown buildings that the taggers managed to get into.

Launch control and tracking area:

The IFC (Radar and control) buildings have been buldozed, but a few basements and crawlspaces ares still under there.
The only remaining radar is an FCC airport system.

Finally some accessible tunnels! The IFC steam tunnels are still there, but I don't want to crawl through them unless
I know there's something worth seeing somewhere in there (it's a mile from the bunkers, so a connection is unlikely).

Miscelaneous Stuff:

A sewer, and some storage. I've never seen a chunk of ABS pipe that big, can you say "world's largest spud gun"?

My new Ultimate UE vehicle

This manhole has problems (the ground is level)