Abandoned Trade School
Chicago, Illinois.

I visited Chicago for the second time while on my way back to Minneapolis from Office Products Expo 1994. I was able to meet and stay with Mr Yuk, who showed me this school. This site is in fairly good condition since being abandoned several years ago, although vandals and taggers have ruined much of it. The main building is quite large, maybe even bigger than the Buckner Building in Whittier, and has a lot of artifacts and random stuff left over from the school days. It was quite interesting to see all the different classrooms and instruction areas for different parts of the school, as well as the administrative offices, storage rooms, and formerly off-limits areas like the roof, elevator rooms, enclosed water tower, steam plant, etc. The flooded basement of the admin section definitely needs to have some boating action in the near future.

Some shots from the admin area.

Artifacts range from the relatively mundane like typewriter graveyards, empty safes, and abandoned teacher's lounges to the really strange, such as random radioactive "stuff" and hundreds of miniature spy cameras.

The large warehouse area was home to a few vehichles, apparently someone got a little carried away with the paint stored there as well. The abandoned scrubmobile looks kind of sad, if a mop-zamboni can look sad.

Culinary arts classroom, Publishing class, full textbook locker, wood shop, and metalworking shop. A lot of the departments were arranged somewhat randomly, with some of the carpentry classrooms in different sections on different floors, the automotive department spread across two buildings, and some of the classes requiring the heaviest items (welding, plasterwork, and some engine repair) on the top floor.

More stuff.

A model church in the plaster department, complete with miniature tags. Some asshat thought it would be cool to spray his name absolutely everywhere, but since I didn't bother to remember what it was or post any photos of it, his juvenile attempt at immortality failed.

My favorite photo from the building.

No class next week!

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