Minneapolis-St. Paul and Surrounding areas

Since I had planned to attend OPEX '94 in Toronto, and Minneapolis is close by Alaskan standards, I decided to visit the land of Actionsquad. Max Action is unfortunately semi-retired now, so I never got to meet the guy (aside from a brief late night infiltration of his home with another local explorer). I did however meet a lot of great people from the Minneapolis area, who were more than happy to show me around, occasionally give me places to crash, and put up with my odd ways and unfamiliarity with "lower 48" culture (pop comes in half size cans now?). A big, big thanks to Krazy, Asylunt, Heartless, Arrow, Archanehl, Krenta, Danarchy, Slim Jim, Atomic, RCO/gsd, Jugslayer and Mrs. McVomit, Ben, and everyone else who made my trip more fun. I'm definitely considering grad school at the U of M now.

Since I saw so many different places in the Twin Cities I've broken up this section in to several pages, click the links below for photos and mission reports from each site.

Triple Helix Drain

Satan's Cave

Lillydale Cave

Washburn-Crosby / Gold Medal Flour Mill

Mill Tailraces

"Alpha" Brewery caves (South Dakota area).

"Piggs" Brewery

Utility Tunnels

Rosemont (The U-Lands).


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