"Piggs" Brewery


The multiple buildings made for a lot of exploring. On the second trip we ran into another group of explorers, and a solo explorer who didn't know either of the other two groups were there.

The caves under the brewery had a lot of nice brickwork, some strange sealed off connections to somewhere, odd sewer connections, and a few crawl holes into what seem to be some more caves of some kind. Apparently they were also available as a fallout shelter.

Elevators. The second photo is a kegevator.

A neat multilevel stair shaft thing in the middle of the main building. The stairs are smashed at one point and require some tricky footwork to get across safely.

Tunnels, skylights, and abandoned computers. There were a few artifacts left behind, my favorite were the many empty cans and bottles in the "Quality Assurance Lab". What a great job!

Since we were with the wraiths on the first trip, I had to take a photo of Damien Nightbane using their special style.

Pigeons are tasty.

Asylunt emerges into what we only wished was a giant tank of beer. It's actually a flooded rooftop.


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