Out of State Explorations

San Francisco / Berkely 10-02

The Berkely Physical plant and some tunnels, the bridge was the most interesting feature.

This building contains the meaning of life

Some drains in the northern Monterrey Bay Area

A sewage treatment plant or something.

Things you find on the beach after a big storm. Now if only I could find a big enough drain...

California Gold Mines

California's gold country is riddled with old mines and holes in the ground. Since most are unstable its a really dumb idea to explore them.
Stepping on rotten mud covered boards over 100 foot shafts is bad, Mkay?

There seem to be lots of these nice deep holes in the fields in some areas of California.
This photo was taken pointing down, into the ground. Not only are there old shafts, but also gaping holes where
shallow subsurface tunnels have collapsed, making it dangerous to walk around near old mines.

This mine tunnel had an entrance choked with throny brambles. Ouch!

Yet another reason to carry a pocket life raft at all times
The only stable tunnels I found had been sealed or dammed to fill them with water.

More reasons not to explore mines.

Supposedly there's a nutcase living in the trailer at this mine, but he wans't around when we explored the place.

The inside of the mill building, and some of the massive equipment used to crush ore and remove gold.

More of the interior, it is in poor condition and probably not safe to explore.

A shaft hoist nearby, used to lift buckets of ore and elevators out of the mine.

Some spare parts in a shed at the mine, apparently someone has spray painted them all silver.

Reasons not to explore in California: Rats, Poisonous spiders, Gangs, Pollution.
Reasons to explore in California: Big Drains, Rolling blackouts (good for sneaking around!).