Palmer Exploration

Palmer is a fairly important farming community, although I believe their main product these days is Cannabis. Palmer was settled during the depression by a group of midwestern "colonists" brought up to Alaska by the US government. Major businesses at the time included the Alaska Railroad, which had a spur through town to the nearby coal fields, and the Matanuska Maid dairy in the middle of town. The dairy (actually a creamery) was the largest business for quite some time, ocupying most of the town center and owning many buildings. The complex included a water tower, power plant, dairy buildings, warehouses, staff housing, a school, store, and dormitories. Many of these buildings were linked by small steam tunnels, built sometime in the 1930s. Rumor has it that these tunnels are now inhabited by ghosts and satanic cults, until recently it was fairly easy for local teens to enter and have parties inside the abandoned tunnels and basements of disused buildings. When I visited Palmer I was told that all tunnel entrances had been sealed, and that the best entrance was lost when the main Creamery building burned. I was able to locate an entrance near the creamery, but when I returned later to explore it I found that it had been buried by the public works department (or someone anyway).

The remaining creamery buildings: the third photo shows the location of the former main building, which burned a few years ago.

The Colony Inn, formerly a worker's dormitory. This has a confirmed tunnel entrance, but I failed to pick the lock on the basement door.

The old coal-fired power plant. At one side is a chamber which seems to lead into the tunnels, but they have been sealed or were never originally connected.

The actual, genuine Palmer Satanist Tunnels, in all their glory a week before being sealed. I'm sad :(

Potentially a new entrance, if it erodes far enough and isn't noticed by the fuzz. Then again that trailer could end up falling into it.

A locked manhole at the nearby state fair, I'm not sure why...

Ghost tracks of the former Alaska Railroad spur up the Matanuska Valley.

The aurora popped out for me while I was in town.

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