Cleary Summit Ski Lodge

This abandoned ski hill still has the lodge building and a lift shack, there are supposed to be some other abandoned ski areas nearby, but it was too cold to go hiking around looking for them. The lodge is an A-frame styel building with three floors, the lower holding the ski rental shop and common area, and the upper floors being bedrooms for guests and employees. We're not sure when or why this went out of business, it seems to have been abandoned recently as there are still skis and other items left lying around. The other, active, ski hill nearby could have driven them out of business, or the flimsy construction of the buildings may have been a safety hazard (they're very poorly built).

The interior of the lodge is pretty trashed from vandals and paintballers. Most of the windows have been broken out, and snow has drifted in through every opening.

More interior pictures, mostly of the upper floors.

With the wind chill it was more like -20. It's fun when the LCD on your camera freezes and the lens gets coated with ice.

The ski lift motor building. The cables are fun to hang from and drop into the snow, unfortunately my camera batteries died while Viper was trying to photograph that.

Artifacts: paintball smoke grenade, lift ticket, skis, ski shoe, oil(?) lamp.

I'm not sure why I look sad here, I think I'm just cold.