Swan Lake Drain

    Two Firemen were overheard talking about the drain which leads from Swan Lake to the ocean. Apparently the board of works people are too lazy to crawl through their own drains so they got a fireman to do it for them and inspect the seals (the sections between pipes are rubber!) Also the board somehow lost the maps that show how exactly the drain gets from the lake to the ocean, and wanted to know it's exact route. According to what the guys said when I talked to them, the drain is 5ft high with several 1 ft side drains, and the one who crawled through it swears he saw a sea otter in there!  I've added the drain to this map to show Non-Sitkans what I'm talking about.

    I got a whole package of maps and blueprints form the City offices in January, but unfortunately they are too huge to scan. They confirm that the Swan Lake outfall is 60 inches (that's 1.6 meters for all you metric people). They also confirm that the Verstovia Drain is only 3ft (1m) in diameter, and securely barred at both ends. However, one map shows a 54"x36" (1.5m x 1m) drain under the landfill that I didn't know about. The board of works here seems to use standard jargon for drains, such as RCP (round concrete pipe), CMP (corrugated metal pipe), BTCMP (??Corrugated metal pipe)  and CMPA (Corrugated metal pipe-????).  If anyone knows what the last two stand for please E-mail the stumped webmaster.

The barred enterance to the drain. That building in the background is the police station.

I wonder where this leads?