Tools, Gear, and Access information

Most of my UE-related  gear, police scanner, 2-way radios, flashlights, headlamps, pocket tools, hardhat, mini-tripod, military fatigues, climbing gear, kneepads, respirator, camera, boots, vest to conceal scanner and other equipment. This stuff gets mixed and matched depending on what I'm exploring, I hardly ever need all of it and I usually just go with a couple flashlights and a camera.

These are some reccomended equipment for various types of Alaskan exploration:

Whilst Kayaking or boating:
Proper boating safety equipment, eg: PFD, extra paddle, etc.
A snack and water (important for long trips)
repair tools, rope, Duct tape for patching holes ;)

Whilst exploring bunkers
Up to date Tetanus shot (lots of rusty metal)
Rope (for lifting, climbing, etc.)
Extra flashlight(s)
Smoke bombs to chase off tourists
(that last one's mostly a joke)

Whilst kayaking/boating in confined spaces:
Same as above, along with  a good knowledge of kayak roll recovery/safety if in deep water
Waterproof light to strap to kayak
takedown paddles that can fit in tight places
waterproof shoes / raingear?

Whilst in abandoned mines

Don't explore Mines!  Some dangers could include:

Structural instability
Explosive and/or poisonous gasses
Shafts and pits
Unsed blasting powder
Hibernating bears
Armed survivalists

Read This

Whilst Climbing radio towers, Buildering, and Tunneling:
See the stories section for How Not To Be A Dumbass in tunnels and buildings.
Radio repeater towers are usually near towns, and are majorly illegal to climb on.
Radio towers also usually have high voltage wires, delicate electronics, and other stuff which the cops won't appreciate finding your fingerprints or fried body on.
Watch out for self locking doors when on rooftops, I did this once and had to use a conspicuous fire escape ladder.

Tools and Access:

The Manhole popper

The popper in use
look at the extreme left of the picture to see the small notch in the lid and our roll of line
(the metal bar is barely visible in the center of the manhole)

I also like short halibut gaff hooks of the type seen in I Know What You Did Last Summer.
They're great for opening all kinds of manholes, but kind of hard to explain to the cops.


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