After the Bomb

Ever wonder what the 50s would have looked like if the Cold War wasn't so cold? How about a whole 50s suburb left to rot on top of a mountain at a long-forgotten NORAD station? A station best known for finding UFOs, not Russians (although who knows what kind of fucked-up Stalinism those Space-Commies practice, better nuke em all!)

Emerging from the fallout shelter, we check the surroundings for signs of radiation.

Checking the area, we find the radomes, tracking facilities, and base admin have been leveled by a mysterious force.

But, peering down at the next ridge, we find that a tiny patch of suburban America has survived... transposed hundreds of miles from the nearest city, stranded alone atop a mountain like the last remains of a derelict sitcom. All that's missing is a burger joint and a drive-in movie theater. Sadly this isn't a White Alice station, or we could commandeer the troposcatter array as a drive-in. Too obscure? Try the DEW Line sometime.

Lets go in for a closer look....

The End!