Crack Land
(Let It Be Records Building)

I know almost nothing about this building other than a few of the businesses which once inhabited it. "Let It Be Records" was the most prominent, others being Fantasy Gifts, Sawatdee Thai resturant, and some generic office space. The building was noted to be abandoned one night, and dubbed "Crackland" due to the apparent high traffic in drug addicts and other shady types in the area. We made sure to bring a large group when we finally explored it. We only found a single person living inside, but found lots of wierd leftovers and various objects indicating illicit uses more dangerous than simply squatting.

As far as I can tell, this building dates from the late 1920s or 1930s, as evidenced by the coal heating and a few aspects of the design. Renovations sealed up the original skylights, replacing them with boring drop-cieling flourescent fixtures and sterile cubicle space. Apparently the next step is to turn the building into condos, or possibly tear it down to build yet another residential tower.

Some of the group pretends to play Super Mario Bros. prior to entering.

Some interesting grafitti of both the colorful and not so imaginitive variety.

The basement elevator, coal bunkers, and boiler room.

Evidence of forgotten tennants. Adam Z thought he'd clean the place up, but we were disappointed by the lack of novelty condoms in the fridge.

The view down Nicollet Ave, the group creeping up to a window to peer at passersby, and Atomic chilling on the roof with a big axe someone found.

Aside from one homeless guy, all we saw of other residents were the Magical Nude Ken Doll (which just appeared while we were in a different room), and the smack-shootin room.


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