Hanson Cement Factory

We happened to spot this while driving around lost in Crapple Valley. While we normally prefer tunnels (yes yes I know all the recent updates are buildings, shut up), this place is almost as good since it used to build drains! Or more accurately, it once produced reinforced concrete pipe sections for local wastewater projects. You can find a few modern RCP drains around the Twin Cities with stencils saying "Hanson's" on the inside, this is where they were made!

They also produced drain-related accessories. Make sure YOUR manhole is watertight!

Exterior and yard areas, including a broken-down forklift.

Interior shots of the factory area. Most of the equipment aside from some cement silos had been stripped out.

Staff areas including lunchroom and locker room. I don't think I want the lunch special...

A nifty little conveyor tunnel. Trucks would dump raw materials into a pit in the ground, the conveyor would pick it up at the bottom of the pit, run up the tunnel, through a ramp (cut down) to the silos on top of the building, to be used in the cement mixtures. In the distance of the first photo you can see the range of pipe sizes available at Hanson (a display visible along the road, click here for Google Streetview).

Some maintenance areas including a short utility tunnel under the production floor.


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