Hollywood Theater

Originally built in 1935 in the Art Deco style, the Hollywood theater had a single screen capacity of just under 1000 people. Falling profits forced the theater's closure in 1987, and the property was purchased by the city in 1993 with hopes of renovation. A number of proposals and renovation projects have come and go over the years, the most recent being in 2001 by local community organizations. The current plan calls for a dinner theater and club, with a stage for live performances supplemented by movie showings. The lower level which once housed restrooms and mechanical passages would apparently be home to the resturant kitchen, and the main floor would be primarily table seating. The current state of the theater is rather sad, the interior has been partially gutted, and the art deco columns and plaster work are falling apart. As with all sites, local explorers were very respectful while photographing and examining this site, and attempted to leave no trace of their visits.

More information about the Hollywood.
Some historical photos of the building.

Artifacts of lost shows include posters and plastic signage. Straight blingin' yo.

Other artifacts include projection and concession equipment. A few cartoons are apparently still left in the film reel rack.      

This has nothing to do with the former entrance, which may or may not have been welded shut. We ain't talkin.

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