The OTHER Yoerg's of Terror

A medium-size brewery cave in Hudson Wisconsin. Started around 1870 by Louis Yoerg (and replacing the earlier Gridley Brewery), the property survives to this day as the Cassanova liquor store. The brewery was taken over by Joseph Casanova in 1870, and both the Yoerg and Casanova families are still prominent families in Hudson today. Currently the cave is locked up and used seasonally for haunted house events, octoberfest, and other such things. It's interesting to note that there are several other caves along the same bluff behind various houses.

Of course, we all know of the more famous Yoerg and his brewery cave in St. Paul!

Some generic passageway photos. This is a standard brewery cave dug into St. Peter Sandstone, similar to dozens of others in the area. The caves stay at a constant ~50 degrees year-round and enable ice and cold beer to be stored, as well as low-temperature lagering to occur. This was a vital part of the lager beer brewing process in the days before mechanical refrigeration.

A ventillation shaft rising up towards the surface of the bluff.

Various props from the haunted house events held here.

An old map showing an early layout of the caves in relation to the brewery.

The current liquor store's website:
News article on Hudson brewery history:

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