MBA Mill

Not quite the mill you'd expect from the Carlson school, although it is rather stuck up and doesn't do any real work. The official name of this property is the Marquette elevator of the Burdick and A. ConAgra grain companies, but it has been disused for some years and is now owned by the University of Minnesota. It's likely that this mill will be torn down to make way for the new Gopher Stadium, a collosal money sink which will greatly benefit UMN's football team by putting them closer to the majority of Dinkytown Sorrorities. The mill is part of an area affectionatly dubbed "Milling Hell", a sprawl of multiple abandoned and little-used grain elevators near the University, several of which have been gradually demolished over the years. Entrance to this mill used to pretty easy, but apparently some kids were too dumb to find one of the discrete entrances, and made their own. Sadly this will probably mean the structure gets boarded up and locked more securely prior to being demolished.

The sign out front, and an array of vertiginous catwalks.

An array of sorting equipment inside the mill, and a spiral staircase which wends its way to the top of the smaller headhouse.
Some of these pictures may in fact be upside down, a lot of the equipment looks the same in multiple orientations!

There was a lot of entertaining signage in this mill, someday I'll photoshop Admiral Ackbar into that first one.

Only a tiny part of the many many drawings found in an office, this Dallas guy was really bored!

Some roof shots, including a talentless hack sunset, and the rest of milling hell as viewed from the main headhouse rooftop of MBA.

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