Minnesota Building

The historic Minnesota Building was built in 1928 in the Art Deco style, housing a number of law firms and legal offices. Sadly it's been gutted out and turned into boring apartments. Hopefully they saved some of the art deco light fixtures and frescoes, although I saw some chunks of artistic bits going into the dumpsters during renovation.

Mmm, nothing like International Protein, part of this complete chem-breakfast!

We would show you some photos from the haunted 13th floor, but everyone who went up there mysteriously vanished! (Actually it was some posh penthouse offices and a crawlspace full of asbestos).

Some basement areas, including the keg-delivery-chute (or as any TV show would call it, Al Capone's secret bootlegging hatch!)

Some rooftop shots. All your WiFi are belong to us.

One of the many beautiful art deco light fixtures. I bet these sucked to find replacements for if they got broken!

An awesome map created by water stains and bored maintenance workers in the basement. Click to see much larger!


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