Phalen Creek Drain

A large and extensive storm sewer tunnel running beneath St. Paul, this drain conveys the former watercourse of Phalen Creek beneath the residential and industrial constructions which now cover its path. For some reason, many of the manholes which access this tunnel can be found lying open, which may testify either to to the power of pressurized floodwater or the laziness of city maintenance workers. Fortunatley for random pedestrians, these manholes usually found in swamps and other seldom-visited areas. I have yet to actually traverse much of this drain, and have only visited on several photographic expeditions to a small section. I hope to explore more of the tunnel soon, and will document future expeditions on this page.

I was a light-painting parasite for the photo trips. Too lazy to do my own, and with no tripod, I'd just jam my camera on rocks and stuff and randomly screw with the settings. I managed to get a couple good shots and lots of horrible ones that aren't being included here.

The shape changes in this drain are great even in the small section I've seen. Materials range from concrete, brick and "bluestone" to inflatable fiberglass liners.

For some historical information and photos of this drain, check out Action Squad's writeup.

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