Abandoned Missouri Mall

A very large mall in suburban Missouri, abandoned within the last 5 years. This mall apparently went out of business due to declining neighborhood income and population. The building originally had several multi-story anchor stores and a large number of retail outlets on the main floor. The basement held offices and a bowling alley, as well as stockrooms and a number of other support and mechanical areas.

While most of the stores are empty, a few relics can be found. The hairdressing salon is still a great place for gossip (and for finding jugs of mystery booze). The main hallway still has a musical clocktower, and two jewlrey stores next door to eachother have a bit of plastic jewlery and some offensive racist posters from the security staff.

The loading dock extends the length of the mall in the basement level, beneath the main hallway. Much of the loading dock driveway is flooded with a few inches of water, and a stream drains out the south end into some sort of hole in the ground.

Some happy grafitti is some of the only evidence of vandalism.

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