One of those Lilydale Caves

One of the largest and most interesting Lilydale caves, this system also has some of the most available open space. Most other caves seem to be buldozed full of rubble from some brilliant city sceme to avoid dump fees. While the near-entrance passages are full of rubble and dirt, the back reaches are open and clear. The entire cave is covered almost entireley with grafitti from floor to ceiling, showing years and years of visitations by stoned teenagers. Open off and on through the years, the cave is currently sealed due to the stalwart efforts of public works officials with a giant spraycrete bukkake cannon. Caves like this tend to attract both park security patrols and chemically-experimenting youths like moths to a flame, but even so, it was amazing how fast the local kids were able to get caught and have this site re-sealed.

This could be original grafiti, based on the font. The exact age of this cave is currently unknown.

Some fascinating and insightful grafiti, as well as some of the wide array of carved faces and skulls.

You could have a show here, but the biggest performance to take place was probably a couple 15-year-olds staring at a glowstick and some tinfoil for six hours.

Various cave passages.


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