Smart Meat

A former meat packing facility in Uptown Minneapolis. We believe it closed due to the non-trendiness of chemical-enriched meat-like substance among the local hipster population, and the failure of the company to adapt to rising demand for semi-ironic PBR-marinated free-range omega3 steaks (which you've probably never heard of).

As usual, I never took any pictures of the outside of the building. I dont't know why that happens, places get torn down and suddenly I'm left with 40 photos of the inside and none showing what the building actually looked like. It's like some kind of alternate-reality UER (home of the drive-by "exploration" :-D ).

Some of the most interesting parts of the building were the massive refrigerated sections. Featuring more fridge space than most people's houses, but without the furry leftovers way in the back or that wierd purple version of Mt. Dew from 2001 that no one will drink.

Some warehouse areas on the main floor.

Basement scenes. Sadly the manhole did not contain a secret passage to Max Action's basement, just a pool of grease.

The new Drainguard III offers some of these advanced features!
-Sends eMail alerts upon detection of Drain0rs
-Classifies drain incursions by type (Cave Clan, photo nerd, graffers, JTColfax, etc)
-Displays average BAC of passing drainers
-Compatible with your IBM 286 or Mac Performa!
-Improved resistance to spraypaint and thrown beer bottles vs the Drainguard II



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