Teener's Block

The downtown block of Minneapolis across from First Avenue has a large percentage of abandonments. Not only are/were several complete buildings vacant, but the upper levels and basements of several connected buildings are unused or underused as well. It seems that the first floors are the most valuable income-generating parts of these older buildings, while upper levels just aren't worth bringing up to modern code! This makes for a fun time of rooftop running, fire-escape climbing, pigeon-chasing, and other tomfoolery. It's kind of ironic that it came to be known as the Teener's block, since Teener's is the narrowest building on the block! The adjacent building shown above is the former Schinder's comic shop, also abandoned.

Stuff and things.

Aforementioned rooftop hijinks.

What is this I don't even. Or: Our new urban industrial-grunge-pop band: Chikinz in da hood.

Some really cool old advertisements painted onto the backs of buildings, now mostly invisible from the street due to taller buildings blocking them.

Random other photos, including the most important electrical circuits you can have in a building. The elevator was also fun, it's rare to find a working elevator in abandonements, and we could use it to bypass locked floors :-) We assume that if you answer the elevator phone, you'll be sucked through a portal into some sort of dimension of pain.


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