University of Minnesota Campus

UMN consists of three main areas in the Twin Cities. The East and West Bank campuses in Minneapolis, and the cow college St. Paul Campus (no offense to any cows attending UMN St. Paul). Each campus has its own steam tunnel system, with the Minneapolis campuses each having both deep and shallow tunnels. The deep tunnels exist in mined space within the St. Peter sandstone, while shallows are mainly cut-and-cover server clusters of buildings from single connection points to the deep systems. Other tunnels in the same are include sewers, storm drains, odd sandstone tunnels, the Gopher Way pedestrian tunnels, and possibly abandoned TCRT tunnels. Most of these systems interconnect in some way.

In addition to steam tunnels, the Uni also has a wide range of active and abandoned buildings to explore, and a lot of very interesting rooftops to play on.

A sample of UMN's beautiful rooftops.

The Minnesota Mineral Resource Research Center (+/- a few Rs or Ms). A popular spot for beginners.

The abandoned Music Education building.

Some Deep Tunnel photos. The system used to be a playground for explorers such as Action Squad, but is now invested with nightvision cameras. Many of these cameras are set up in sneaky places like the tunnel water fountains, where thirsty explorers are almost sure to stop. I guess Geico could have saved Max some money on his steam tunnel car insurance, but sadly these have been hidden or locked up.

A drain as seen from the deep tunnels, an emergency exit that doubles as hobo housing, and some of the infamous tunnel elevators.

The Mouse. I keep seeing him in tunnels and he still hasn't given me any beer.

Campus explorations often involve painful squeezes.   

I have no idea....

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