College Tunnels
At the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Note: This is a mishmash of stuff from 4 years of college, from the shitty disposacam era up to the shitty library loaner digicam era. Also we were idiots as freshman, so ignore the dumb in-jokes, broken links, cheezy pictures, and other old crap that I'm too lazy to clean up.


Tunnel sections: Click for details and photos
Northern tunnels/MBS bunker
Bunker to UnNatural Sciences
Old West Ridge tunnels
New West Ridge tunnels
Lower Dorm Tunnels
 SRC / Patty Center.
Rassmuson Library to Bunnell 
Rassmuson to power plant
Rassmuson to Signers/Gruening
Rassmuson -West and North
Aboveground features
Hutchison Career Center
UAF Rooftops (several buildings)
O'Neill half-floors and stuff
Irving half-floors and tunnels
Library Construction / Tunnel
Fine Arts Building Renovations
Library roof /mechanical rooms
Duckering construction
Chapman Catacombs
Arctic Health Research Building
Museum Expansion.
Research buildings
Dorm penthouse
The UAF cave
Abandoned Ski Lift
Practice mine*
Fallout shelter*

*we're still looking for those last two, drop a line if you know anything!

In case you really want to go in steam tunnels, heres some reasons not to:

Yes, there is HIGH PRESSURE STEAM in there
Yes, there is ASBESTOS in many tunnels
Yes, there are LIVE electrical substations and conduits
There's also hazardous waste and acid filled pipes in the adjoining buildings.
And there's really old radioactive exit signs...or there were untill we
took them to recharge our thermonuclear digital camera batteries ;-)

Running into jutting metal bits isn't fun

Did we mention it's Illegal?

Any Questions?


Here's some old info on the tunnels:
Fairbanks Daily News article

Free speech info from UAF:


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