Fairbanks Storm Drains:

This town seems to have no drains... or at least no good ones. It's just too damn dry here. There are enough rivers, streams, and ditches through town that the infrequent rains take care of themselves without artificial channeling. Although now and then this doesn't work too well (see below)

Two views of an aproximately 5ft diameter drain going under downtown Fairbanks.
There is a manhole room just inside the entrance which is partially flooded.

A "gauging station" which apparently gauges how deep the Chena River is where it passes though downtown

Spring Flooding 2002:

Three pics of the awesome power of a flooding drain. OK so these are just culverts, but they still show what can
happen if you're retarded enough to explore drains while it's raining (or massive snowmelt is occuring as shown here).
As the Cave Clan say: "When it rains, no drains". Damn good advice.