Windy Bridge

This bridge spans the Nennana River Just north of Denali National Park on the Parks Highway. I'm not sure if Windy is the official name or just a local name, there's another location named "Windy" south of the park. This bridge is known for high wind conditions due to its location in a narrow canyon, and can be dangerous to cross at some times of the year. The bridge itself is constructed of steel-truss braced on top of reinforced concrete pillars. Each end has a large concrete retaining wall and a small bridgeroom, and the trusswork includes a narrow catwalk with one railing which crosses the entire span beneath the roadway. This bridge is a popular location for climbers and grafitti taggers, and tags can be found all over the structure and even down on the support columns. The Alaska Railroad crosses under the north end of the bridge and immediately enters a short tunnel.

Bridgeroom under one end of the bridge.

Catwalk action! This is one scary-ass catwalk, although I'd love to bungee jump from here :-)

The engineer blew his whistle at us, so we figured we'd leave before the cops arrived.



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