MSP Drain Level Guide

The Drainboater's Navigation Resource
v2.1 Summer 2016

The following files are intended to help the modern drain mariner navigate underground waterways of the Twin Cities.
They should be used by qualified storm drain captains only, alongside all standard navigational aids such as Coast Guard
approved drain buoys, Drain Lighthouses, and grim, Charon-like pilots.

To view current river stage data, visit, and select an appropriate river gauge location
(NOAA gauges STPM5 and MSPM5 are used for this area). For levels between St. Anthony and Ford where
there is no NOAA gauge, there are two options. You can use USACE data from the lock and dam gauges at and
If these are not up-to-date, you can estimate the level based on the table in Section 4 of the PDF and the levels at
gauges STPM5 and MSPM5.

Nonconmat has provided a live dashboard of river and rain data here:

Stuff to hang on your wall:

Mario's huge poster combining drain level charts and supplemental data:

Stuff to bring on your boating trip:

Full printable PDF
Navigation Guide with
level charts and
data supplements
Level Chart 1 of 3:
Upper and Middle Pool
Level Chart 2 of 3:
Lower Pool
Level Chart 3 of 3:
"Pool 2"

Old Versions (inaccurate)

v2.0 printable PDF

Latest River Level Status:

Pulled from USGS Site, visit if images are not working

Historic Trends:

(Yes, we tried mashing these together to have a dynamic realtime water level overlay on top of the drain elevations, but it kept breaking. This is the best there is for now).