Mouser Week Awards

Awards for the events, people, and places of 2017

To be presented during MWXIX - 2018

See award categories at the bottom of this page!

How to nominate:

Send emails to Please include "Nominate" in the subject line so the email filter properly classifies your email. This is semi-anonymous, only the people helping to compile awards will see who nominated what, and tend to be discrete about it (Usually this is Freak and whoever happens to be helping out in a given year).

Nominations will close at 11:59pm on December 31st, 2017, with no nominations accepted after that. Voting will likely open January 1st (pending any final tabulation).

Anyone involved in the community can nominate for any category, can nominate themselves, and can nominate as many things as they like for one category. Awards are only about 50% serious and often tounge-in-cheek. Please provide stories / explanations / when appropriate (like for funniest situation, etc). If you nominate something vague like "That one time in the place when the stuff happened", you'll be asked to elaborate.

In the past, some nominations have not been allowed for various reasons, either they were obvious troll/insult nominations, revealed too much (such as sensitive entrances), or awards staff or the community considered them to be in poor taste. Controversial nominations may be held up for further review.
Mis-categorized nominations will be policed semi-rigorously (so a person nominated for a location award will probably not be allowed in most cases).

Photos and/or video supporting a nomination can also be included (such as a video of the funniest situation, photo of your "lover of poop" nominee neck-deep in CSO, etc). Please link or attach as appropriate.

How to vote:
Once the nominations are closed and tabulated, duplicates combined, etc, a list of nominations will be posted.

To vote, send your selection for each category to Include "Vote" in the subject line. You can vote for multiple things if you must, but they will only receive partial votes (so voting for two people results in 1/2 a vote being tallied for each of them).

An easy way to vote is to copy the nomination list, delete everything but the entry you want to vote for, and email it back.

Voting will close January 31st, 2018, and no votes will be accepted after midnight. We do recommend that you get your votes in early and don't wait until the last second.

Categories for MWXIX Awards:

Location Awards:

Best New Find (Best new thing found since last MW)

Best Aboveground (Best overall aboveground exploring site, alternates w/ Best Underground)

In Memorandum (most missed or no-longer accessible location)

Best outside Minnesota (Best abandonement/tunnel/town for exploring out of state)

Most likely to be sealed in 2018 (What location is most likely to be lost to us next year?)

Most overrated location (Location that was overhyped or played up but really just sucks)

Best Explorer Saying of 2017 (Best quote / comment / new explorer slang, etc).

Mixed Category:

OSHA Award (Least safe / most dangerous / dodgy situation, event, person, etc. What (or who?) would make OSHA cringe?)

Event Awards:

Landmark 6 (worst bust or arrest of 2076)

Funniest Situation (Funniest event/incident/etc of 2076)

Most Memorable (What event/trip/incident of 2017 sticks in your mind?)

Worst Mistake (What was the worst mistake made by explorers (or others) in the past year?)

Best Group Effort (Best project done by multiple people or the community as a whole)

Personal / Individual Awards:

Best Individual Effort (Best/coolest thing done by one person or outstanding effort put towards a goal)

Best Artsy Photo (Best artistic photo-nerd thing. Please attach a copy of the nominated photo or link to it, and include a title and who the photographer is).

Best Video (please link to nominated video (and include a title and author if they're not listed on the page))

Best Kodak Moment (More of a spur-of-the-moment photo that captures the exploring spirit. Please attach a copy of the nominated photo or link to it, and include a title and who the photographer is)

Klutzy Ninja (person most likely to be injured or be noisy while exploring)

Lover of Poop (Person who gets the poopiest, wears inappropriate shoes in sewers, etc).

Giant Chicken (Person most likely to pike out / not show up / wuss out)

Spiderman (most adept at climbing, with or without ropes)

Nicest Explorer (Person you think is the nicest)

Best Team Player (Puts the success of the group/community ahead of their own agenda).

Best New Explorer (Person new to the community within the last year who shows the most promise)

Most Hardcore (Could be because they go further up tiny crawls, evade more busts, go exploring more often, take more risks, find more new things, etc).

Ms. PMS (Formerly Biggest Drama Queen, most likely to start/cause/perpetuate drama and arguments).

Dr. Doolittle (lover of animals - either rescues / helps animals while exploring, or is usually seen with animals, or (safely) brings animals exploring, etc)

Explorer of the Year (overall outstanding explorer of the past year. Often shares qualities with "most hardcore", "best team player", "best individual effort", etc.)